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The future is mobile and interactive: DigitalSignage and touch components for all requirements.

The future is intuitive

Operating concepts change. The first computers were operated with command lines. Later there were windows, operated with a mouse. And today gestures and digital signage offer the possibility to intuitively navigate. Special hardware is required for this though. We primarily rely on our trusted partners such as Samsung and Hewlett Packard. Innovative technology for your platforms.

Exactly what you want

Use our flexibility. You need a SUR40? Just want to try it, have a look, rent it or buy it? Sure, no problem, but hardware is no use without software. That’s why we, of course, have a solution for you. Purchase, concepts, full service: all in our profile.

Intuitive software needs compatible hardware

Intuitive use of, for instance, special presentation solutions profits from being installed on first class technology. To minimize time for computing with complex gestures and to recognize correct gestures needs innovative and fast hardware. Together with our partners such as Hewlett Packard and Samsung we’ll find the right platform for your application.

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