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We supply you with individually selected hardware for your professional mobile business use.

The future is mobile

People are mobile, always have been. Why should the work environment not adjust to that need? Mobile people are flexible and IT has to support them accordingly. Mobile technique is very advanced today, the internet is available almost everywhere. Mainly using Hewlett Packard and Samsung products we can compile packages that appropriately support your need for mobility.

Just what you need

We deliver mobile components primarily suited to your needs. You need mobile equipment for a trade show? We deliver. You don’t want to buy it? We rent the equipment out to you. You want to try and test the equipment first? No problem. Whatever your requirements may be regarding IT, we’ll meet them. From buying hardware to specifically tailored concepts for you company and full service: we do it all.

Strong and innovative partners

As with everything else we take the selection of mobile solutions very seriously since it is a crucial decision for your company’s strategy. Our main partners in this segment are HP and Samsung. Of course, we can also work with iPad and others like it. We’ll help you find the provider best suited to your needs.

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