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GeoPortals for all areas of tourism from marketing to promotion of economic development or individual GIS & GDI solutions.

Find your way around

Geo data and services enable us to orientate ourselves in a new area. Where is the next restaurant? Which kindergarten in closest to our home? Which bike routes or hiking trails can I use during my vacation? Where is an interesting concert? These and a lot of other questions are answered in today’s GEO portals. Local marketing from tourism, city marketing and economic support to real estate offers. Presenting complex information simple and integrated is the goal of these solutions, being it two-dimensional on maps or aerial pictures, with 360° panorama or 3D applications in angular aerial pictures. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Portals, portals and more portals ...

We love geo data, they are intuitive and everyone talks about them since bing maps, google earth and car navigation systems are available. Almost all smartphones have such earth viewers. We are three steps ahead with our range of products. The integration of complex data and their easy presentation within a given context are one of our specialties. With the product range we developed based on standard technology, such as bing maps: LO-RE-GIS, GIS4Touristika and DynamiGis, all aspects of local marketing are covered. Whether you want to offer or sell a tourist destination, a private or commercial real estate, industrial land or an event, we have the right solution for you.

Productinfo : GIS4Touristika / DynamicGIS (LO-RE-GIS)

Innovative presentation on interactive map applications is the specialty of these products. Be it a classic presentation or a modern metro design, a lot of solutions are possible. Your data is edited in a database application with multiple uses even though is hardly any more complicated in its use than a classic content management system (CMS) which you know from your homepage. It is just more flexible.

Example for economic development

Example for tourism