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Our Portfolio contains everything from StartUp to individual CRM Solution for the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Server.


Groupware and Customer Relation Management (CRM) today are important factors for success of your company. In order to service customers efficiently all data is necessary. Who sent what to the customer, who contacted the customer last and when? Sales personnel and project engineers don’t work alone anymore in big projects. They have to be able to access data from the CRM and exchange documents and information. Sure, could be done through e-mail. But much more innovative, secure and efficient is the Sharepoint Foundation Server. Store your data centrally, grant access and already the project group can start working and has use of all necessary documents. Everyone is always on the same page.

Sharepoint Foundation Server

Our products and services build on and around the Sharepoint Foundation Server. Simply buy the standard sharepoint software or use our individual product CRM4Sharepoint. Both are efficient, but if you are looking for a solution for special issues, then CRM4Sharepoint is the right choice. Your customers will be thrilled. We offer software integration, trainings, concepts and full service for this product– all for your company.

Productinfo : CRM4Sharepoint

CRM4Sharepoint offers a solution to some issues regarding CRM. In addition to the classic sharepoint solutions it focuses on communication with your customer. Has customer X already been invited to event Y? How did the customers react to a standard mails or information received by regular mail? Our solution solves these and other questions. Ask us for more information.