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From GUI (Graphical User Interface) to NUI (Natural User Interface). The future of software and hardware solutions is interactive

The future is intuitive

Natural User Interfaces (NUI) are the future, operating your applications naturally intuitive. Interactive solutions used to be operated with windows and a mouse. Today the handling is as natural as you are used from everyday life, like reading a book. No obstacles, no borders…

Exactly what you need

Based on our modular hardware and software solutions we realize your ideas and requirements an, turn them into practical applications. Indoor or outdoor touch solutions, video walls operated with gestures, entertainment, slates and tablets are well established technologies in our projects. We then outfit this hardware portfolio with our innovative surface and display technologies and operating concepts in order to reach synergetic units and perfect solutions. This guarantees a professional and stable liaison between hardware and software for the long term.

Touch concepts for information centers and tourist infos

Visitors can gather information about their destination and surrounding areas in a relaxed atmosphere through touch screens. The information is centrally managed and can be presented either locally, in the surrounding area or just everywhere.

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